One day my wife and I were backing down the driveway when I braked suddenly causing the van to lurch back and forth.  Startled, my wife exclaimed "What's wrong?". While tapping the backup camera screen, I responded emphatically. "Nothing, but before the day ends I will have one of these on my wheelchair! We have backup cameras In cars, why not on wheelchairs?"

I did not get a backup camera for my wheelchair that day. In fact, I spent several months searching the web for a solution . I had nothing to show for it but a few university projects and an online camera dealer selling a "AA battery operated car backup system" calling it "for wheelchairs". I redoubled my efforts.

Starting at ground zero, I defined both the problem (A) and the solution (B). Now all I had to do was go from A to B. It has taken all the skills acquired over a career in Information Technology to be successful. I invested in a variety of cameras, switches and displays . Finally a system has emerged that provides the safety, aesthetics and functionality for which I was looking. Being able to see the environment space behind you (especially the rear wheels), increases safety and self confidence tenfold.

 I found the prototype system installed on my personal wheelchair to be the center of attention in public places. No one has ever seen backup cameras on a wheelchair. Understandably, some have inquired as to where I bought the system. Learning that I put it together myself, they naturally asked if I would do it for them. Over the months, after dozens of inquiries, my wife and I decided to take a chance. In April of 2014 we incorporated POWERchair PLUS, LLC. Since then we have been dedicated to developing and refining "CHECK YOUR 6".

"CHECK YOUR 6" provides a rear view of the environment space from camera(s) mounted on the back. In the upper camera mode, the first camera points directly backward. In the lower camera mode, the second camera points down at the rear wheels. The view(s) are displayed on an LCD screen embedded in the console. Power is supplied by a 12v.  rechargeable battery pack.


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